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Spiritual Guiding

Connection with Soul, Spirit, Earth, & Self


Why work with
a spiritual guide?

  • They offer deep listening which helps people find and follow their own spiritual path

  • They ask insightful, open-ended questions that help people connect with their authentic selves

  • They allow space for stillness and silence (contemplation) to help people become aware of what is deep within them

  • They build trust and openness by being authentic, kind and open themselves

  • They do not proselytize, nor seek to influence or convince, but instead walk alongside people as they make their individual and unique spiritual journeys

  • They honor the free will and discernment of each human being, especially in spiritual matters

  • They offer a mirror to those they companion so they may see themselves as whole beings if they so choose

  • They help the people they accompany create a stronger relationship with self and others and God, or however they refer to the ground of all being.

  • They hold themselves accountable to a supervisor, and community.

  • They follow universal ethical principles, with the most important one being to “do no harm.”



What do spiritual guiding sessions with Justin look like?

Sometimes it looks like silence, big questions, music, poetry, stories, sacred readings, tears, laughter, grief, celebration, waiting, discerning...ALL of YOU is beloved here.


By deeply listening to your sacred life story, I support you in your process of awareness to what is now. I listen with you for soul or sources of meaning and your Inner Wisdom, and support your response to your higher power's invitations to live your soul meaning into your life.

Your Wild Spirit Path is a lifelong process. I pledge to accompany you through the different seasons of your life.

Some practices we may use as you are comfortable include:

-engaging your practices in the session or developing new ones

 -breathing, body scan & sense meditation from Forest Bathing 

-sacred reading with poetry, prose, texts from your tradition

-connecting with Earth through sit spot 

-remotely guided or in-person Forest Bathing Walks

-exploring meaning, purpose

-developing ritual for life transitions

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