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Welcome to your Earth Connection!

This practice is appropriate and necessary for people of all ages, life experiences and mobilities.

Did you know that spending time outdoors can benefit you in physical, emotional, and spiritual ways?

Check out the Department of Conservation for the State of New York on the health benefits of Forest Bathing

So what is Forest Bathing or shinrin yoku

To learn more, check out this article I wrote published in Essential Herbal in February 2024.

What might the Earth be inviting you to today?

Check-out my walks and register here.

I'm excited to share partnerships with local organizations who are current tenders of the Susquehanna Valley land and honor the Susquehannock and Haudenosaunee peoples:

Dauphin County Parks and Recreation

Silver Spring Township Parks and Recreation

Amethyst Retreat Center, Duncannon, PA

Fredericksen Public Library and Simpson Public Library


What is Forest Bathing?

The land, sea, sky, day, night, mountains, and rivers and all Living Beings are calling out to you! Earth calls to Earth. In the words of poet John O'Donohue, "The clay dances within you" (Beannacht).

As your guide, I provide a series of invitations welcoming you into your own experience of the More-than-Human world, yourself, your inner world, and in community with other participants.



The Lineage

Shinrin yoku Forest Bathing from Japan (1980s)
M. Amos Clifford, Founder of the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, speaks about the experience in here  
Anam Cara Soul Friendship from the earth-honoring Celtic Tradition described by authors John O'Donohue in Anam Cara and Christine Valters Paintner in The Soul's Slow Ripening.

What you can expect on a guided Forest Bathing walk

Location: Remotely guided walks depend on you - a favorite park, backyard, window with a view

Time: Between 1 hour to 2 1/2-hours of an "at-your-own pace" walk.

Distance: less than 1 mile typically or all done seated in one spot

Content: That's up to you and the forest! As a guide, I have some invitations for you to engage as you would like including not engaging!

There is no wrong way to respond! There is nothing to achieve!


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