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About Justin

Hi. I'm Justin (he/they). I am a queer interspiritual guide, Earth poet, apprentice & chaplain to the More-Than-Human beings with whom I am in community. My spouse Craig and I live along the banks of the 300 millon year old Susquehanna River in Central Pennsylvania with our dogs Yeshe (whose name means "Wisdom") and Benny. Our rescue dogs have been important spiritual companions and meditation buddies for me. Our home is on the path of Canada Geese and White Egret flight to and from the creek to the river. Silver Maple in our backyard is the World Tree and home of a vibrant squirrel and winged community.


Why I engage this sacred practice of spiritual guiding...

I celebrate the spiritual giftedness of the LGBTQIA+ community using my own places of gift, wounding, healing and surprise to support you in your wisdom path. The heart of this sacred practice for me is a dance of compassion, joy and simply being humans together. The "being human thing" in our wondrous embodiment as Earth in relationship with Earth is an amazing and challenging invitation! My approach weaves together chaplaincy, spiritual guiding, poetry, and contemplative walks in nature.

Since I was 16, I have facilitated individual and group experiences for folks age 5 to 105 in the classroom, hospital, on Zoom, and on Forest Bathing walks both in-person and on Zoom.

Education and Experience


Spiritual Direction Training Certification (2019-2021)

Deepening Year of Spiritual Direction Practice  (2022)

Dean for Year II of Spiritual Direction For Spiritual Guides (Currently)

Supervisor for Year II of Spiritual Direction For Spiritual Guides (2021-2022)

Member, Spiritual Directors International

2023 Co-Presenter at Conference: Belonging and Earth Connection, Eco-Grief
2022 New Contemplatives Cohort Member 

One Spirit Learning Alliance: Supervisor for Interspiritual Counseling and Companionship (ISCC) Program 2021-2022
Supervisor for Adult Learners in ISCC Program (Current and 2021-2022)

Interspiritual Curriculum Development Team

Professional Chaplain
Experience in Palliative Care, Grief Support, Developing Meaningful Ritual, Group Spiritual Direction
5 Units of CPE including Chaplain Residency at The Ohio State Wexner University Medical Center

Master of Theological Studies - Trinity Lutheran Seminary (2017)
Foci: Ecological Justice, Street Chaplaincy & Social Justice, Celtic & Contemplative Spiritualities

Master of Education Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, Boston University
Master of Spanish, Simmons University

Language Education for Communication & Cultural Connections


My community and philosophy

My work as a spiritual counselor carries the fragrance of the offerings of Cypress who held my grief, my dog Parker who was a spiritual director and bodhisattva to me, Bill Plotkin's definition of soul as each person's eco-niche, Mary Oliver's mystic poetic vision of nature, Robin Wall-Kimmerer's Braiding Sweetgrass, John O'Donohue's Anam Cara (Soul Friendship), the support of the ancestors, the Divine Mother Mary's "yes" to Mystery, Avalokitesvara's tears for all the suffering ones and Green Tara's swift compassion.

I honor the life experience and unique self each person is. I believe that there is an original goodness, original blessing, a Buddha nature that is our deepest essence and point of connection with the human and more than human world. The Wild part of Wild Spirit Paths is an invitation to return to that primordial, natural giftedness as the place from which we begin and repeatedly return in the spiral of our life journey. Spirit invites your understanding of the Divine/God/Higher or Deeper Power into relationship with you in life, the Path that is yours to travel.

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