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Earth Connection Meditation

5/21/24, 4:00 PM


What is an Earth Connection Meditation practice?

In this 30-minute session, Justin will introduce you to a guided meditation with your senses to connect to your body and the Earth.

Justin is pleased to welcome you to this inclusive anti-racist LGBTQIA+ affirming community-minded space.

Important points: This will be an experiential workshop. I welcome your participation. To honor what folks share, the session will not be recorded.

Tickets: I appreciate your support in any amount. If you'd like to attend free, please enjoy your complimentary ticket! Welcome!

What you will need:

Technology requirement:

Zoom application installed on smartphone or laptop.


Notebook, writing utensils for journaling, drawing and reflection prompts. A cup of tea and setting where you feel comfortable and will be undisturbed for 30 minutes.

Support My Work:

Consider supporting my work as a forest bathing guide and spiritual guide by Buying me a Coffee here.

Thursday, May 23 10AM-11AM EDT Forest Bathing (On Zoom)

5/23/24, 2:00 PM


Forest Bathing or shinrin yoku is a nature-based mindfulness practice that invites us into our senses and relationship with our bodies and environment. Health benefits of this practice include lowered blood pressure, boosted immune system, enhanced focus and a sense of relaxation.

Taking Good Care: (AKA Release form)

Please complete the form here in order to participate in the walk:

What is a Remotely Guided Forest Bathing Walk?

A remotely guided walk is an amazing experience for different bioregions, humans, and More-Than-Human communities of the Earth to speak to each other!

As your guide, I will help you settle into embodied practice. Then, I will offer invitations to you to explore. Part of exploring includes not using the invitation, but rather responding to who or what is drawing your attention. The core practice is your own response to invitations on the land where you are. We will spend time responding and then return to our Zoom circle to share. Sharing is always optional. Holding supportive space while others share is an amazing offering. We follow this pattern until we end with a Tea Party.

*A walk is not a hike. You will likely walk less than 1 mile and can fully participate without walking about if circumstances require.

What you will need to know:

Cost: Payment through Eventbrite


Choose a place outdoors (weather and health permitting) where you would like to be guided. Maybe this is a favorite park, your backyard, a nearby body of water. If the weather is inhospitable or you would not feel safe alone on a trail be sure to acknowledge this.

Be aware of any trail hazards in your bioregion such as poison ivy, uneven trails, etc.

Important points: Let someone know where you plan to go and when you will return. A location with public restroom facilities is an asset.

Technology requirement:

Smartphone devices with internet connection and video recommended for remotely guided walks.

You may require additional power supply for smartphones during the session.

If you are joining from home and using a laptop computer, be sure to have a timepiece with a timer that you can bring with you out into your yard so you know when to return to the group for sharing.


Tea or coffee or your favorite beverage and a snack to save for the end of the walk Tea Party. Water for hydration, sunscreen, bug spray, hat, comfortable shoes, possibly a camp chair to sit, Epipen if prescribed.

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