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What I can do for you as your Interspiritual Companion:

Interspiritual Counseling (Individual)

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Individual sessions are one hour. It is an invitational time for you to explore your sacred life story in a safe, supportive, caring space.


Interspiritual Counseling (Group)

A group (maximum 6 people) meets monthly for two hours and commits to a six month season.

Guided Nature and Forest Therapy Walks:

In the lineage of shinrin yoku (Forest Bathing) and the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy I offer guided walks (virtual and in-person) as an invitation for you to be and experience the outdoors in the way that you are invited. Walks typically last 2.5-3 hours. Options include individual and group guided walks and the opportunity to use the walk as part of an Interspiritual Counseling. Click here for more details.

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