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Freshness in Every Season

Freshness in every season

By: Justin Ferko


Deep earth-cello tones of the mud underfoot on the Appalachian Trail

Moss and lichen embracing tumbled down field boulder fences

Salamander waking under rotting log

Late Summer

Concord grape perfuming the valley, tumbling down into Lake Erie

Royal purple skin, green fruit, grape pie and purple smiles


Mushrooms poking through dew and grass

Leaves releasing from each twig

Crunch and staccato of stone, branch and leaves on the trail

Late Winter/Early Spring

Snow drops sparkling in dew

Like firefly abdomens ready to blaze, but not yet…

Invitation: What is your inner landscape like in this season? What would it be like to experience that spiritual and emotional landscape as one infused with freshness, newness, sensory experience?

Justin Ferko (he/they) is a queer spiritual guide and Earth poet, Dean of SDSG II and graduate of Oasis SDSG and DYDM programs. Justin celebrates our giftedness, power and wholeness as LGBTQIA2S+ community in this time of increasing political oppression. As a Certified Forest Bathing Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, Justin facilitates your soul friendship with Mother Earth and your own senses. You can reach him for spiritual guiding, supervision, or in-person/remotely guided Forest Bathing walks: and 

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