What I can do for you as your Spiritual Pathfinder:

Each session of Spiritual Pathfinding is one hour. It is an invitational time for you to share what is in non-judgmental, safe, caring space.


Sometimes it looks like silence, big questions, music, poetry, stories, sacred readings, tears, laughter, grief, celebration, waiting, discerning...ALL of YOU is beloved here.


By deeply listening to your sacred life story, I will support you in your process of awareness to what is now, accessing your Inner Wisdom, and supporting your response to your higher power's invitations in your life. Some areas we can work on include:

C: Connecting with Spirit and Self through spiritual practice
A: Authoring your Creation Story as you shape your sense of Self and Spirit using the compost of worn-out beliefs and toxic theology to nurture what is new

L: Listening and Discerning your Path as it unfolds as you engage big questions

L: Living this Connection with ritual and practice that are meaningful to you

Your Wild Spirit Path is a lifelong process. I pledge to accompany you through the different seasons of your life.

Some practices we may use as you are comfortable include:

-engaging your practices in the session or developing new ones

 -breathing and body scan


-connecting with Earth through sit spot 

-Nature and Forest Therapy walks (virtually guided)

-compassion meditation


-distance Reiki

-elements of the shamanic journey and worldview

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