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Sit Spot with Morning Sunlight for Heart Space

I would like to share with you an invitation that I caught along a river in the mountains of Vermont. This is a gift from the sunlight at Beaver Falls the morning after a night of rain. The sunlight reflected gold, ruby, and silver from the raindrops clinging to pine boughs above the river. The wind dispersed the drops as glitter over the falls.

Beaver Falls in Vermont – the site where this Sit Spot Invitation found me

Welcome to your Sit Spot.

As you sit outside in the morning, take time to settle in and listen to how your body would like to be at your Sit Spot. Make any adjustments necessary.

Become aware of your breath just as it is.

Notice how the air around you breathes, how it enters your nose and becomes your breath.

How your breath becomes the air around you, the breeze, the wind.

Spend some time experiencing this.

Bring your awareness to your heart space.

Where do you feel your heart space in your body?

Who or what is settled there this morning? Who or what is nestled in your heart?

What does it feel like to be your heart?

Welcome your heart with a gesture that feels good to you.

Spend some time with this awareness.

If it feels good to you, invite the morning sunlight to visit your heart space.

Notice the warmth of the sunlight on your clothing, on your face, your skin.

What does it feel like to invite the rays from this life sustaining star, this firelight into your heart?

Be present to the alchemy of your breath, sunlight, Spirit, and heart.

Be with this awareness as long as you want or need.

At the conclusion of your session, let your sun-kissed heart guide you to make an expression of gratitude for sun, wind, the Earth of your body, Spirit, any thoughts, words, images that arose.

As you close your Sit Spot for now, let your heart guide you in how you would like to close. Maybe with prayer, breath, song, movement…

Return to this practice as often as you like. Adjust this practice to how your heart is guiding you in the moment.

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