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Reflections on Sky By: Justin Ferko

By: Justin Ferko

This morning as I write, Sky is bright peacock blue

With feathery white clouds,

Rainbow pillar Sundogs,

Light sparkling off the new green leaves of Maple.

I look up into the blue,

Imagining the curve of the Atmosphere

The darkness of Space, 

Continuum of Sky.

I look down at the space between me and Dandelion, Squirrel and Violet

Also Sky.

Last night, I witnessed Waxing Gibbous Moon,

A Mother-point-of-light to Star children in the night Sky,

The lights on the bridge and capitol dome 

Diffused amber and purple hues into Sky.

On foggy mornings, I love the closeness of Sky.

I can touch the moisture in the mist,

Become a Cloud myself.

In the Water of the canal at Wildwood,

Frog looks at me,

Golden-ring eye unflinching. 

A challenge, an invitation -

“Follow me!”

She dives from the mound of Yellow Iris on the muddy bank 

Into Sky.

There, Tadpole-children wriggle and swim.

Red-Wing Blackbird’s reflection flies

With such delight.

Invitation: What might it be like to “look up” at Sky today? You’re invited to let your eyes relax and rest in the spaciousness of Sky, however Sky and you show up today -clear, cloudy, bright, dark, twilight. What would it be like to “dive into Sky” like Frog?

Oh, and you might have noticed that I capitalize More-Than-Human Beings in my Prayer Notes. This is my practice of honoring the sacredness of all beings. 

Justin Ferko (he/they) is a queer interspiritual guide and Earth poet, Dean of SDSG II and graduate of Oasis SDSG and DYDM programs. Justin celebrates our giftedness, power and wholeness as LGBTQIA2S+ community in this time of increasing political oppression. As a Certified Forest Bathing Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, Justin facilitates your soul friendship with Mother Earth and your own senses. You can reach him for spiritual guiding, supervision, or in-person/remotely guided Forest Bathing walks: and 

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