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Reflections from Water at Wildwood Lake

Reflections from Water at Wildwood Lake

By: Justin Ferko

Open Water.

I feel the gentle magnetic pull of the Moon

Build and rise, fill and foam

Subside and settle, withdraw.

Shimmering currents in my depths- open canals for fish and invertebrates.

Creek and Wetland.

I incubate Life- Eggs, Tadpoles, Frogs

Canada Goose and Goslings,

Turtle and Muskrat, 

White Egret,

Great Blue Heron,

I drip from their beaks and shimmer on their wings.

I rise up the cattails and become Red Wing Blackbird’s song.


And I fall,

Through the flood catchment to the Susquehanna River,

Water joins water

Different and dissolved.

The messages of algae, mud from Muskrat’s mound, a faded red fisher folk bobber, feathers from Green Heron join the flow,

Meander into the Bay

To the Ocean

Where I feel the gentle magnetic pull of the Moon and I rise as tides.

And I release, evaporate, fall.

Raindrops on your umbrella -water sounding like crackling fire embers.

I am purified and pulled up the pipes.

The glass of water you put to your lips become your sweat 

and salty tears of joy, of sorrow.

I am ancient and new.

The water in Jacob's well,

Your great-great-grandmother’s first bath,

Mary Oliver's tea,

Blood, Maple Sap, Wine,

Hail, Hurricane, Dew and Frost,

Conodoguinet, Chesapeake, Susquehanna, Aquifer,

Saraswati, Yemayá, Nile, Tigris and Euphrates, 

I release the rigidity of ice, creek beds, riverbanks, and shorelines.

I soak the land with Life.

Invitation: Spend some time with water in Sit Spot just noticing. Mindfully drink a glass of water. Notice the dew on your bare feet, the rain on your skin, the sun sparkling on the lake, the sheets of rain in the distance, the storm over the ocean. Notice the water that is your body.

Justin Ferko (he/they) is a queer interspiritual guide and Earth poet, Dean of SDSG II and graduate of Oasis SDSG and DYDM programs. Justin celebrates our giftedness, power and wholeness as LGBTQIA2S+ community in this time of increasing political oppression. As a Certified Forest Bathing Guide with the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, Justin facilitates your soul friendship with Mother Earth and your own senses. You can reach him for spiritual guiding, supervision, or in-person/remotely guided Forest Bathing walks: and 

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