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Listening for the Song of the Divine

In previous writings, we shared Sit Spot Invitations together including “Befriending a Being.” Here I’d like to introduce you to “Befriending a Being” through Cow Cuddling at Gita Nagari Eco Farm and Sanctuary in Port Royal, Pennsylvania ( ). The cows here have been rescued from industrial dairies and are cared for throughout their natural life spans. Cow Cuddling is a concept originating in the Netherlands whose benefits are like those of Forest Bathing and deep meditation.

Craig (Justin’s spouse) cow cuddling with Lily at Gita Nagari Eco Farm and Sanctuary in Port Royal, Pennsylvania

Listening for the Song of the Divine

Mist garlands the mountains on our drive to Port Royal.

Clouds glowing with soft white light rest on pine boughs.

Sweet gold straw heaps at our feet.

Peacocks perch on the barn rafters.

I put out my ungloved hand to the calf whose tongue is seeking and sandpapery.

He leans his head into my side.

“Today marks the first time the Song of God, the Bhagavad Gita, was sung,” says our guide.

In the next barn, I greet then sit with Teddy, a beloved cow.

My back to her velveteen muscled side, I listen for the Song.

She inhales and my body rises.

She exhales and I relax back into her.

Our breath synchronizes.

My body feels small curled up in the embrace of her two ton presence.

I brush her neck and caress her chin.

She makes contented lowing sounds.

We listen for the Song together.

Inhale. Rise.

Exhale. Relax.

The mist rises on the pasture.

Eight adolescent peacocks parade past.

Inhale. Rise.

Exhale. Relax.

Breath. Presence.

The Song of the Divine.

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