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Invitation to Spaciousness

Spaciousness and self-compassion are two invitations I hear clearly in this pandemic. For the places of restriction, of “un-freedom” in our lives, I offer this meditation on White Egret as I witnessed at Wildwood Park. Root in place, breathe, and invite yourself to a sense of generous spaciousness as the sunlight slowly returns to the Northern Hemisphere.


Hold out your hands like the two wings of White Egret about to fly.

Wings extended,

Fingers unfurled.

You reveal your vulnerability

Cradled in the paths of lines and veins in your palms.

Imagine a landscape nestled in your hands.

A forest of evergreens,

A desert awash in sunset colors,

A vast sea.




Breathing in,

Inhale the perfume of this soul space.

And when the wind of doubt rises…

“Am I enough?”

“Am I worthy?”

“I don’t have enough time for spiritual practice.”

“What is mine to do?”

…exhale compassion.

The imagined landscape of your soul shimmers.

You see your empty hands and the fullness they offer.

White Egret flies-

A blessing

On your breath

For you,

For all of life.

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