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A Pre-Dawn Invitation to the Fire and Flow of Life For Candlemas- Groundhog Day - The Presentation- Brigid's Day by: Justin Ferko

Silver Maple with her six branches in my backyard. And yes, there are rubber duckies in the heated bird bath/squirrel fountain in the front right. 🙂

Today, I sat with the story of Simeon and Anna, the hearth fire of Brigid and wondering if Groundhog will see his shadow. When I looked up from the kitchen table, Silver Maple and Squirrel in her hollow invited me to share this reflection with you about the wonder of embracing life whether a beloved human or More-Than-Human kin and of knowing the biological and spiritual life within our own bodies.

Snow-covered Silver Maple shimmers in the fresh morning sunlight,

In a hollow of her trunk, Squirrel wriggles and writhes with the warmth of life.

Sap rises and drips from a wound in her bark.

Squirrel laps the sweet sugar and returns

To Silver Maple’s embrace two stories above the ground.

Sweet fiery cycle of life rooted in this clay soil

Along the Susquehanna River that I am blessed to tend

As living starlight clay.

A Pre-Dawn Invitation to the Fire and Flow of Life

For Candlemas- Groundhog Day - The Presentation- Brigid’s Day

Feel the velvet texture of the dark as it blankets you.

Root and relax into this moment, melt into the dark.

In the quiet, can you feel your pulse, hear your heartbeat?

Notice the flowing fire of life in your veins. 

Now, light a candle in the morning dark.

Look at the jumping amber flame and

The dancing shadows on your wall.

Allow the warmth of flame, of fresh sunlight to awaken your body,

Reveal the room, the land, the tiniest branches of the trees.

Gently allow yourself to be presented to this day, to Sun, Earth, and All Beings.

Receive the Sun, Earth and All Beings as they present themselves through light, birdsong, human-made sounds.

Explore the fire and flow of life in this moment with all your senses.

Offer your own gesture of reciprocity and relationship.

What are you noticing?

Perhaps keep the candle lit in a safe place for today to honor your experience.

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