What I can do for you as your Spiritual Pathfinder:

Earth-to-Earth Guided Nature and Forest Walks:

In the lineage of shinrin yoku (Forest Bathing) and the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy I offer guided walks (virtual and in-person) as an invitation for you to be and experience the outdoors in the way that you are invited. Walks typically last 2.5-3 hours. Options include individual and group guided walks and the opportunity to use the walk as part of an interspiritual counseling. Click here for more details.


Interspiritual Counseling (Individual)

Individual sessions are one hour. It is an invitational time for you to share what is in non-judgmental, safe, caring space.


Interspiritual Counseling (Group)

A group (maximum 6 people) meets monthly for two hours and commits to a six month season.

What do interspiritual counseling sessions look like?

Sometimes it looks like silence, big questions, music, poetry, stories, sacred readings, tears, laughter, grief, celebration, waiting, discerning...ALL of YOU is beloved here.


By deeply listening to your sacred life story, I will support you in your process of awareness to what is now, accessing your Inner Wisdom, and supporting your response to your higher power's invitations in your life.

Your Wild Spirit Path is a lifelong process. I pledge to accompany you through the different seasons of your life.

Some practices we may use as you are comfortable include:

-engaging your practices in the session or developing new ones

 -breathing and body scan


-connecting with Earth through sit spot 

-virtually guided Earth-to-Earth walks

-compassion meditation


-distance Reiki

-elements of the shamanic journey and worldview

Clients are saying:

It was such a pleasure working with Justin but I hesitate to say “working” as it was effortless. His grounded and generous presence offered me such a safe space to explore my connection to Spirit that I found myself sharing unexpected and novel things. Another gift he has is reflecting what I shared by making connections and insights to things that I probably never would have identified. I expanded in my ideas of spiritual practice and in the ways I organically connect to my source. Justin is a gem. 
-Darren P.    

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